We are enjoying using the app Seesaw this year, and love how we can share many pictures and videos of our students.  We find that more parents are accessing their child’s seesaw account on a regular basis instead of this blog.  Therefore we are going to try and update seesaw more and stop the blog for now.  Check out a video of our music day on the seesaw app!  =)

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Tasty Tuesday – Pizza Day

Tasty Tuesday was a success today.  As a class we made pizza and apple crisp.  The children helped shred the cheese, put the sauce and pepperoni on the pizza, cut the apples, and measure and mix the ingredients for our crumble.  Yesterday we surveyed the class to see what they like on their pizza, and today in art they made pizzas and we learned about all the different shapes on pizza. We even learned about the food groups and how our meal today included ingredients from all four food groups!



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Go Jays!

We are excited the Blue Jays are moving on to the ALCS! Go Jays!


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Terry Fox Run

The Terry Fox Run was a huge success at our school! We received many donations and the students were happy to participate in our run. Our class combined did over 250 laps of the soccer field!img_2074

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Tasty (taco) Tuesday!

Tasty Tuesday was a total success! On Monday we discussed the ingredients needed for tacos and surveyed our friends to see what their favourite taco topping is.  Today the children were each given tasks including setting the table, cutting the vegetables, shredding the cheese, and washing the dishes and sweeping the floor afterwards.  For dessert they helped us make rice krispie squares and wash the strawberries and grapes.  We had many meaningful conversations while cooking, discussing healthy foods, how to measure our ingredients, the colours of our vegetables, and safety when cutting and using the cheese grater.  Best of all the tacos tasted delicious!  We’re looking forward to cooking together again next month. image


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First Weeks of School

The first two weeks of school have been a success! The children have made many new friends and love exploring together.


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Welcome everyone to our class blog!  Here you will be able to find pictures and information about what we are working on.  We are very excited to be welcoming back our Senior Kindergarteners, and looking forward to meeting our new Junior Kindergarteners.

Please send an extra set of clothes for your child and a pair of “indoor” shoes.  We also highly recommend you label everything your child brings to school. You can use permanent markers, or washing machine and dishwasher safe labels can be found at Walmart.  We often have extra clothes and lunch containers that end up in the lost and found because the children do not recognize all of their belongings.

Our class is looking for donations of Kleenex boxes, hand soap, and paper towels.  These materials will be shared with the class throughout the year.  We also ask that each child brings in a box of markers and crayons. Whatever you can send is very much appreciated!! :)

Please feel free to send a note in your child’s mailbag, or email if you ever have any questions or concerns.

Kindergarten is your child’s first experience with school and we want to make it an awesome one! Many new friendships will be made, games will be played, investigations will take place, and a lot of learning will happen. We are looking forward to a very exciting kindergarten year! :)

-Mrs. Tanya Kastelic (Teacher) & Mrs. Sheelah Lonjak (Early Childhood Educator)

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